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Documentation center

Mac's-Documentation center

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  • Thematic books, monographic catalogs and catalogs of group exhibitions and collections... relating to design, contemporary architecture and contemporary art.
  • Specialized journals on Contemporary Arts (Art Press, Artforum, Beaux-Arts Magazine, Cabinet, Sayings, Movement ...) and design / applied arts (Azimuth, DAMn, Steps, Ideat ...) of which the documentation centre is a subscriber.
  • Records of the artists in the collection of the MAC's, newspaper articles, artists' books, monographs, invitations ...


  • Our intelligence portal in fine arts and design: new publishers, thematic selections in relationship with the temporary exhibitions,, specialized sites ...
  •  Our bibliographic catalog online.
  • Access to the VIDEOMUSEUM network grouping of modern and contemporary art museums and collections agencies (including the Museum of Contemporary Arts of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation at Grand-Hornu, the MAC's).


  • Documentary research, thematic and bibliographical references.
  • Copy machine and A4 B/W printer (0.05 € / copy).
  • Large and pleasant consultation space.
  • Long term specialized in-house training for librarian/archivist and/or art history students.


  • Free access (no appointment needed) and free of charge.
  • On-site consultation.
  • Tuesday to Friday: 9:00 to 17:00.
  • Closed during Summer and Christmas holidays (see the CID or MAC's websites for exact dates)


Céline Ganty
T. : +32(0)65 61 38 68
F. : +32(0)65 61 38 97

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Documentation centre of the Grand-Hornu
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T. : +32(0)65 61 38 68
F. : +32(0)65 61 38 97