Musée des Arts Contemporains de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

The collection

Mac's-The collection

The Museum Contemporary Arts of Wallonia-Brussels Federation was started in 1999 prior to the museum’s inauguration in 2002. It gathers together about 300 works of art and 150 Belgian and foreign artists. Its ambition is not to collect masterpieces of a mythology of modern day art, to which many European institutions are already dedicated, but to develop a representative group of current major trends, while retaining an intimate affinity with their conservation site, Grand-Hornu. Christian Boltanski’s work entitled Registres du Grand-Hornu, inaugurated this group in 1997.  Since then the collection has been built up around the following themes: Place, Poetry and Memory.

Above all, the development of the MAC’s collection fulfils the museum’s concern to create a link, both educational and in exchange with the youngest and with schools, and to promote contemporary art among the general public. Operating as a library of works of art, it is not permanently on display in Grand-Hornu, but is part of many collaborations, through loans to Belgian and foreign institutions.