Musée des Arts Contemporains de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles



The Preservation Department is responsible for guaranteeing optimal conditions for storing and transporting works of the MAC collection. It sets up exhibitions and carries out a threefold task regarding the surroundings of the works of art, which must be considered, at the same time, from a physical, technological and documentary viewpoint.

  1. The management of the physical surroundings involves the temperature and humidity in which the works of art are preserved, as well as the organisation of where they are kept and how they are moved.

  2.  The management of the technical surroundings consists of understanding the various materials and media (video, bronze, wood, metal, plasticine, etc.) in order to ensure that they are well preserved.

  3. The management of the documentary surroundings involves the department’s Research Unit. This is responsible for gathering knowledge through interviews with the artists, experience acquired from exhibitions and direct contact with the works of art.

The department has a preventative preservation policy. The Preservation Department staff are therefore called to hypothesise the ageing of the works, which differs greatly according to the materials and media.  The main challenges faced by this department concern specific installations (for example The Rehearsal by Francis Alÿs, 1998-2004), as well as ephemeral works (Pavillon by Michel François, 2002), variable works (Zone de fauchage tardif by Lise Duclaux, 2005) and interactive works (Baudouin Oosterlynck).

The preservation department also works on several projects (Videomuseum, Digitizing contemporary Art, etc.), networking with other institutions.

Preservation manager: Jérôme André
Preservation assistant: Pascaline Cattiaux