Musée des Arts Contemporains de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

My Body is a Cage

Collection of the [mac]musée d’art contemporain in Marseille

This summer, at the Grand-Hornu site, MAC’s presents a selection of works from the Marseille Museum of Contemporary Art collection. These pieces have been chosen in response to a central theme in contemporary art since the 1960s: the human body. The exhibition, My Body is a Cage, develops the idea of a «body-cage» which both protects and confines our lives. For Giuseppe Penone or Yves Klein, this is the anatomical image of a body defined by its parts and various sensory organs; for Arnulf Rainer or Dieter Appelt, the physiognomic qualities of the body-as-mask hide or, on the contrary, betray our feelings; for Bruce Nauman, dance exposes the body in its dynamic form, through the repetition of gestures; finally, for Bernard Bazile or Jimmie Durham, physical posture speaks of the relationships of force between our desires and the constraints (moral or political) of the world which surrounds us, or even shuts us in and frustrates us.

While the exhibition brings together all the classic disciplines of contemporary art (painting, sculpture, photography), it will also be an opportunity to experience several works which play with «projected images»: Carsten Höller’s perforated slides, Jana Sterbak’s 16mm film, Tony Oursler’s video doll, Nan Goldin’s Kodak carousel, or Francesco Finizio’s double video projection.
My Body Is a Cage also pays tribute to a selection of artists from the South of France. Some of these are significant figures in the history of art, such as Yves Klein and César, others are drawn from the Marseille contemporary art scene, such as Lionel Scoccimaro or Michèle Sylvander.

Finally, by way of extending its exploration of the body to other modes of expression, MAC’s has invited the ZOO/Thomas Hauert dance company to take part in the exhibition. Over three full days, the company will stage a series of duos by the Swiss choreographer. These dance pieces will take place in the exhibition rooms and will enter into conversation with the works on display.

With : Absalon, Jean-Michel Alberola, Dieter Appelt, Bernard Bazile, Günter Brus, César, John Coplans, Jimmie Durham, Francesco Finizio, Jef Geys, Nan Goldin, Carsten Höller, Wendy Jacob, Michel Journiac, Yves Klein, Bruce Nauman, Dennis Oppenheim, Tony Oursler, Ed Paschke, Giuseppe Penone, Arnulf Rainer, Lionel Scoccimaro, George Segal, Jana Sterbak, Catherine Sullivan, Michèle Sylvander.

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