Musée des Arts Contemporains de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles


Contemporary art & rock

Since the 1960s, rock, alongside other popular cultures such as S.F., has been a new source of inspiration and reflection which has diverted fine artists’ attention. Born out of blues and country, country and western music, rock, which appeared after the Second World War, is turning out to be a typically teenage culture whose history oscillates between industrial fun and an anti-establishment movement. Celebrated with nostalgia or parodied with violence, its «religion» haunts, from Pop Art, a whole section of modern art, with its electric distortions and devilish refrains. Associated with art, it broadens the spectrum of sensitivity which is now shared: from political revolt to identity crisis, not to mention artistic nihilism.

Through the prism of rock, REBEL REBEL provides an overview of modern art, taking three complementary directions: aesthetic, cultural and critical. The first covers artists who, like Joris van de Moortel, Tony Oursler, David Askevold, Douglas Gordon and Steven Parrino, capture the electric and kinetic energy of rock and its scenic performances, revealing in them subversive or even ecstatic potential. From less musical or sound colouration, the second perspective is rock as a popular culture whose modern art takes photography and negatives to a new level with a varying degree of ferocious humour: Daniel Johnston, Johan Muyle, Damien de Lepeleire, Gauthier Leroy, Jacques Lizène, Catherine Sullivan and even Dieter Meier, a member of the electro-pop duo YELLO. Finally, the third perspective, taking a more conceptual approach, brings together artists such as Dan Graham, Dennis Oppenheim, Allen Ruppersberg, David Lamelas and Jacques André, around the idea that rock is a symptom of historic, sociological or political realities.

There, you will be able to discover the works of: Jean-Michel Alberola, Dave Allen, Jacques André, David Askevold, Charlotte Beaudry, Quentin de Briey, David Claerbout, Gilles Élie Cohen, Damien De Lepeleire, Douglas Gordon, Dan Graham, Patrick Guns, Daniel Johnston, Corita Kent, David Lamelas, Gauthier Leroy, Jacques Lizène, Christian Marclay, Dieter Meier, Angelica Mesiti, Jonathan Monk, Johan Muyle, Dennis Oppenheim, Tony Oursler, Steven Parrino, Raymond Pettibon, Allen Ruppersberg, Catherine Sullivan, Dennis Tyfus, Joris Van de Moortel, Alan Vega.