Musée des Arts Contemporains de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Philippe De Gobert

De toutes pièces

The Belgian artist Philippe de Gobert (1946) explores the tenuous boundaries that separate reality and fiction. His black and white photographs show Spartan spaces with austere lines, bathing in a diffuse and unreal light. These empty places, however, are marked by traces left by mankind before it went away. Attentive observation of these photographic enlargements, however, sows doubt: from these mysterious architectures surge inconsistencies of scale and of shots. The image, which was taken for an inside view, is revealed as the photograph of a model: constructed images, imaginary places, or even the workshops of fantasy artists.

For the look into the past offered this summer by the MAC’s, photography and model, divorced from one another, are presented in separate spaces so as to underline their intrinsic aesthetic qualities, thus avoiding the hurdle of reducing them to simple documents. Publication of a rich monograph will accompany this important exhibition of Philippe de Gobert’s work.