MACS - Édition - Gauthier Leroy,  SONNY

Gauthier Leroy

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400 €
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Invited by the MACS, the French artist Gauthier Leroy unveiled “SONNY”, a bronze multiple created by the publishers Keymouse for the REBEL REBEL exhibition.
A nod to the harmonica player Sonny Boy Williamson II, “SONNY”  is a portrait made up of small objects that might be found in the pockets of a bluesman, or a “hobo” (six-hole harmonica, coins, cigarette end, etc.).
This cartoon character looks as though he has walked straight out of Disney’s Silly Symphony, the first black-and-white musical cartoon series. 

Artist(s) :
Gauthier Leroy
Patinated bronze
Print run:
12 copies & 3 signed and numbered artist’s proofs.
MACS & Keymouse

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