Gaillard & Claude

27.02.22 > 18.09.22

Envisaged as their first retrospective in Belgium since the duo moved to Brussels in 2008, the exhibition at the MACS brings together the essential elements of their production through three bodies of work: Le Groupe et La Famille (2010), Orchestral Issues (2015-2017) et Baloney! (2020-2022).

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MACS - Exposition - Gaillard & Claude. A Certain Decade

Aline Bouvy

Cruising Bye
27.02.22 > 18.09.22

A veritable ode to freedom, Aline Bouvy’s exhibition Cruising Bye thus takes on the poetic appearance of a “wild parade” in which a procession of androgynous police officers (complete with sirens) appear alongside a witches’ Sabbath (under belladonna). 

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MACS - Exposition - Aline Bouvy. Cruising Bye


Les Fabriques du cœur et leur usage

23.10.22 > 19.03.23
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MACS - Exposition - Les Fabriques du cœur

Angel Vergara

Dans un instant
23.04.23 > 08.10.23

Fifteen years after the exhibition El pintor, the MACS’s presents the unclassifiable work of Angel Vergara in the wider context of a retrospective of his paintings. Beginning with his ‘tableaux’, produced by a group of partially-sighted children during workshops devised by the artist, the show traces the evolution of his artistic practice from his first ‘painted films’ produced in Super 8 in the 1980s, to his video devices that recorded his painting in progress, along with a more classical gallery of large canvases. 

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MACS - Exposition - Angel Vergara. Dans un instant


Tamara Laï

Silent Noise
26.09.21 > 30.01.22

In the 1990s, at the time when digital arts were emerging, Tamara Laï was one of the first Belgian artists to use the CD-ROM and the Web as supports to develop multimedia, interactive works which stood out through their poetic hypertext and rhizomatic narrative. 

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MACS - Exposition - Tamara Laï. Silent Noise

Léon Wuidar

À perte de vue
26.09.21 > 30.01.22

With its title À perte de vue (As Far as the Eye Can See), the exhibition emphasises the immense labyrinth of his oeuvre, as well as the “smiling rigour” of an artist who plays with lines and colours, words and objects.

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MACS - Exposition - Léon Wuidar. À perte de vue