Jochen Lempert

Honeyguides and Milk Teeth
12.11.23 > 12.05.24

For his first museum exhibition in Belgium, the German photographer Jochen Lempert has taken over four rooms at the MACS with his delicate photographs of nature.

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MACS - Exposition - Jochen Lempert

Lionel Estève

Les Saisons
12.11.23 > 12.05.24

Meticulous and subtle, colourful and light in form, Lionel Estève’s sculptural practice is also remarkable in its ability to respond intuitively to the constraints of exhibition spaces in terms of morphology, light and even atmosphere.

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MACS - Exposition - Lionel Estève

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Ariane Loze

L’Archipel du moi
23.06.24 > 03.11.24

This exhibition brings together a dozen works produced over the past fifteen years, from Loze’s first silent videos to her latest film produced by the MACS.This body of work resonates with the keen sense of satire that characterizes Loze’s writing, whether in the form of haughty small talk, meaningless management speak, troubled introspective voices or incisive political treatises.

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MACS - Exposition - Ariane Loze. L'Archipel du moi

Orla Barry

Shaved Rapunzel & La Petite Bergère Punk
23.06.24 > 03.11.24

À la fois bergère et artiste, Orla Barry est une femme doublement aux aguets. Du « monde des moutons », elle a appris au quotidien son métier agricole tout en alimentant, en parallèle, sa pratique artistique.

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MACS - Exposition - Orla Barry


Angel Vergara

In the Instant
23.04.23 > 08.10.23

Fifteen years after the exhibition El Pintor, the MACS’s presents the unclassifiable work of Angel Vergara in the wider context of a exhibition of his paintings. Beginning with his ‘tableaux’, produced by a group of partially-sighted children during workshops devised by the artist, the show traces the evolution of his artistic practice from his first ‘painted films’ produced in Super 8 in the 1980s, to his video devices that recorded his painting in progress, along with a more classical gallery of large canvases. 

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MACS | Angel Vergara. Dans l'instant

Les Fabriques du cœur et leur usage

23.10.22 > 19.03.23

To mark its 20th anniversary, the MACS has invited its honorary director, Laurent Busine, to devise an exhibition in line with his humanist conception of the museum, which envisages the singularity of each individual’s perspective and creates a dialogue between works of art, curiosities and everyday images. Celebrating the encounter between the public’s curiosity and the inventiveness of artists, Les Fabriques du cœur et leur usage bears witness to the changing, colourful complexity of the world that we inhabit for a time.

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MACS - Exposition - Les Fabriques du coeur et leur usage