Comme le mur qui attend le lierre

Fiona Tan. Daniel Turner. Oriol Vilanova
23.05.21 > 29.08.21

Occupying two identical rooms in the former “Engineers’ House”, of which only the outside walls of its original architecture now remain, the exhibition proposes a poetic, critical meditation on the theme of ruins, based on an installation by Oriol Vilanova belonging to the Museum’s collection, a double projection of films by Fiona Tan and a sculpture by Daniel Turner.

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MACS - Exposition - Comme le mur qui attend le lierre - Fiona Tan

James Welling

23.05.21 > 29.08.21

The MACS has invited the American artist to present his current photographic work on architecture and ancient Greek and Roman statuary.

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MACS - Exposition - James Welling. Cento

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Léon Wuidar

À perte de vue
26.09.21 > 30.01.22

With its title À perte de vue (As Far as the Eye Can See), the exhibition emphasises the immense labyrinth of his oeuvre, as well as the “smiling rigour” of an artist who plays with lines and colours, words and objects.

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MACS - Exposition - Léon Wuidar. À perte de vue - Louvreuse

Tamara Laï

Silent Noise
26.09.21 > 30.01.22

In the 1990s, at the time when digital arts were emerging, Tamara Laï was one of the first Belgian artists to use the CD-ROM and the Web as supports to develop multimedia, interactive works which stood out through their poetic hypertext and rhizomatic narrative. 

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MACS - Exposition - Tamara Laï. Silent Noise


Johan Muyle

No Room for Regrets
20.12.20 > 18.04.21

The MACS is organising a retrospective exhibition by Johan Muyle.

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MACS - Johan Muyle - vue d'exposition

Matt Mullican

Representing the Work
16.02.20 > 18.10.20

Le MACS présente la première exposition muséale de l’artiste américain Matt Mullican en Belgique. 

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MACS - Exposition - Matt Mullican. Representing the Work