The cultural service proposes adapted visits for children of all ages. These visits take place in the museum rooms and are active. They encourage interaction and expression among children.

For each exhibition, a teaching pack provides support to the teacher in their approach and a young person’s guide is published for use by the children.


Travelling activities

The museum’s teams visit schools to present workshops on various themes.

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Animations nomades - activités en classe par le MACS

Free visits

The MACS hosts free school visits on numerous occasions throughout the year.

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Activités gratuites au MACS

Educational packs and programmes

Educational ideas, aesthetic analyses and a range of themes; find educational packs for exhibitions and the programme of activities for the academic year.


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Activité pour les écoles au MACS

Philosophy workshop

An activity for the classroom or at the museum, the philosophy workshop is an opportunity for group discussion, to express thoughts, cultivate critical thinking, etc. around specific themes.

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MACS - activité pour les enfants (visite, atelier philo...)


Every year, the MACS offers specific, interdisciplinary activities based on the exhibitions working with various schools (dance, music and theatre projects).

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MACS - projet de réhabilitation de la cour à l'école Rampe Anfouette avec l'artiste Jean Glibert

Customised projects

Customised projects can be developed jointly.

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MACS - Activités sur mesure pour les élèves et les étudiants