The museum’s teams visit schools to present workshops on various themes.

Animation en classe

The MACS educational service provides a series of travelling activities for nursery, primary and secondary schools. 

It provides an initiation in contemporary art in two stages: 

The first part of the class activity takes the form of a looking workshop. It involves a discussion about a series of reproductions. The children observe and discover the language and approach of a contemporary artist. The second part consists of a creative moment to enable a better understanding of the notions and concepts that characterise the work of the artist presented. 

Duration of the activity: 1h30

Tariffs: €60 + fixed fee (return trip; from 0 to 50 km: €10 , from 50 to 100 km: €20, from 100 to 150 km: €30)

Info and reservations:  +32 (0)65 613 902 / 


Land Art

Temporarily alter the landscape, by placing small, white pebbles decorated by the children in it. Placed end-to-end, they compose an ephemeral work that questions space in the same way as Land Art artists.

Land Art

Bruno Munari

Create your own book using different materials, textures and small surprises, like the Italian designer Bruno Munari in his "prebooks".

Livre - Bruno Munari


Guy Rombouts

Invent your own alphabet and give shape to a word using this imaginary code, inspired by the AZART alphabet devised by the artists Guy Rombouts and Monica Droste.

Guy Rombouts - oeuvre

Land Art

Alter a photograph of a landscape by adding a detail, a material, an object or a person to transform it. (echoing the works of Land Art artists)


Ligne dans le désert - oeuvre de Walter De Maria

José María Sicilia

Enter into the poetic universe of José María Sicilia and his giant flowers painted on beeswax through a painting workshop.

José María Sicilia - fleur

Assemblage and hybridisation

Imagine a fantastical creature and bring it to life in the form of a puppet, following a presentation of the art of assemblage of ideas and images.

MACS - Exposition - Johan Muyle. No Room for Regrets


Initiation in contemporary art

Encourage reaching beyond one’s preconceived ideas about contemporary art, by introducing different perspectives of emblematic works, at the same time drawing out their fundamental principles.


Joseph Buys - performance - coyote

Philosophy workshop

Thinking about our relationship to the world, through art, based on several works that inspire a range of questions.


Atelier philo- enfants - MACS

Specific activities can also be arranged on request.