Dedicated to contemporary creation, the Museum of Contemporary Arts of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (MACS) is situated in the heart of the site of the former colliery of Grand-Hornu, a jewel of Belgian industrial architecture.

The MACS stages three major exhibitions each year (monographs or thematic) with big names from the Belgian and international contemporary art world. The MACS also regularly provides a showcase for young Belgian creation.

With its ambitious vocation to raise the awareness of the widest possible audience to contemporary art, the cultural mission of the MACS is defined through three main areas: forming a collection, programming exhibitions and organising cultural activities for all audiences.

Open to a wide range of genres and disciplines, the MACS focuses its attention both on traditional forms of artistic practices (painting, sculpture, etc.) and its modern (photography, installation, etc.) and contemporary avatars (video, multimedia, etc.).

Supported by a major cultural activities department, the Museum’s mission goes hand-in-hand with an "education in looking".