Every year, the MACS offers specific, interdisciplinary activities based on the exhibitions working with various schools in order to open up the museum to a young audience through an interdisciplinary approach (dance, music and theatre projects) and thereby achieve its primary objective; making contemporary art accessible to everyone.


Closer Distance

Workshop with students from the sculpture option at La Cambre and the Images Dans le Milieu (images in the environment) course at ARTS2 
From 30th January to 28th February 2021

Distance rapprochée (Closer Distance) brings together works by eleven students from the art schools of La Cambre and ARTS2.

Invited by the MACS, the students took part in a workshop which confronted them with the museum space and the challenge of jointly creating an exhibition. The themes which emerged from the works that were brought closer together here clearly evoke the period of crisis we are currently experiencing. At a time when physical presence has temporarily disappeared from our daily lives, the questions of distance, separation and loss lie at the heart of their preoccupations and naturally form the common thread of this unique encounter between the two schools. 

With Igor Adamskiy, Marie Bertrand, Jérôme Boulanger, Thibault Danhaive, Sophia Dieckschafer, Thibaut Drouillon, Mehdi Gorbuz, Charlotte Lavandier, Yadi Lei, Lucas Mesdom and Gladys Siddi.

Get art into schools!

Refurbishment of the playground of the Rampe Anfouette school, working with the artist Jean Glibert 


The MACS joined forces with the Rampe Anfouette school and the municipality of Colfontaine in order to reinvent their playground. Working with the artist Jean Glibert, the MACS devised a major outreach project (guided visits, school activities, transformation of the playground, crowdfunding campaign, creation of a video spot, in a partnership (Municipality of Colfontaine and the company Akzo Nobel, Gingo).

IDM + MACS #2 

Workshop with students of Images Dans le Milieu d’ARTS2 - 2019


For a second time, the MACS hosted students taking the IDM - Images Dans le Milieu - option from the ARTS2 college for a workshop at the museum.

On this occasion, the students developed various proposals around the themes and questions raised during the exhibition The Bees of the Invisible

Performances, installations video, photographs and interactive works were presented to the public during a weekend exhibition.

MACS - Exposition - Les Abeilles de l'Invisible - Visite scolaire

Educational visit for future teachers 



Some fifty students - future teachers, discovered the MACS during a one-day visit focusing on the theme of education. 

During this informative and formative visit, the students were able to consider various questions such as “what is contemporary art?”, “what use is it for a child?”, “how can it be introduced in a school group?”, etc. and to debate them during a philosophical workshop at the museum.

MACS_visite d'exposition par une classe de secondaire

Activity for an economic sciences class



Divided into 3 phases, this project enabled students to gain an awareness of a discipline with which they were less familiar, contemporary art. 

During a first meeting with the class, the students were introduced to the themes covered in the exhibition The Bees of the Invisible

Following this initiation, the students visited the exhibition accompanied by a guide, before pursuing their discovery in the classroom. 

In the 3rd and last meeting, they considered various artistic practices, including those of Marcel Duchamp and Joseph Beuys, before concluding with a debate.

IDM+MACS - workshop - étudiants d'IDM


Workshop with students of Images Dans le Milieu d’ARTS2 - 2018


Invited by the MACS, students from the IDM section of the ARTS2 college, accompanied by their tutors, created works related to the themes developed during the Albedo exhibition. This in situ one-month workshop resulted in an exhibition that was open to the public for one weekend. The students also gave guided visits and created a user guide for the public.

Workshop au MACS avec les étudiants de l’option danse contemporaine de l’IPES de Tournai

Dance workshop

With students taking the contemporary dance option at the IPES in Tournai - 2018


During the Albedo exhibition, the MACS hosted the contemporary dance students from the IPES - Tournai for a two-day workshop. Confronted with the works of artists Ann Veronica Janssens and Jean Glibert, the students created a unique performance, after working with the dancer Kayoko Minami.