The team of guides at the MACS invites primary, secondary and high school children to pursue the principal themes introduced during the guided visit in the museum during a class activity involving a philosophical conversation. The children are invited to formulate open questions in small groups. After a few minutes’ reflection, the whole group joins together and democratically selects one or two questions. The session continues by focusing on the chosen subject through collective critical questioning.



> To learn how to listen, to speak up and express one’s point of view.

> To learn to question, to formulate critical questioning.

> To develop and explore an argument.

> To initiate reflection and a critical view of the world.


How long? 

Guided visit / class activity (45 min) + philosophy workshop (45 min) = 1h30. 

Maximum 25 children



Workshops can be held in the classroom or at the museum following the guided visit. 


*The museum guides are trained in philosophical questioning through a series of courses provided by the CAL.


If you would like to prepare your visit or explore a specific theme during a travelling workshop, please contact us.  

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