MACS - Catalogue - Les Fabriques du coeur et leur usage

Les Fabriques du coeur et leur usage

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Images are central to this book and its companion exhibition, be they in the guise of guides, headers, legends and citations which, together with short stories, inspire other images in the reader’s mind. Like the patchwork composition of illustrations on the cover, the intention of its creator, Laurent Busine, ressembles a compendium, an arrangement, a bouquet of images and words, and because he founded a museum there, we could say that Grand-Hornu lies at its heart. Through its architecture which translates a social and industrial utopia into a place to live and work, this former 19th century colliery is effectively an imaginary place: like the salt works at Arc-et-Senans designed by the visionary architect Claude Nicolas Ledoux, it is a sort of “philosophy-image”1, the “unified vision” of our notion of a “manufactory”, its fable.


Denis Gielen, extract from the Preface


1 « Claude Nicolas Ledoux. L’image philosophie », in : Alberto Manguel, Le Livre d’images, 2011. 

Artist(s) :
Jacques Fabien Gauthier d’Agoty
Orla Barry
Pierre Bettencourt
Pierre Bismuth
Camille Bombois
Louise Bourgeois
Henri de Braekeleer
Lewis Carroll
David Claerbout
Benoît Dagron
Hélène et Juliette Delaporte
Damien Deroubaix
Marlene Dumas
James Ensor
Max Ernst
Léon Frédéric
Charles Gaspar
Daan van Golden
Nicolas Gruppo
Roni Horn
Bernd Lohaus
Frans Masereel
Natalia de Mello
Constantin Meunier
Giorgio Morandi
Henri Ottevaere
Giulio Paolini
Giuseppe Penone
Pierre Plauszewski
Sigmar Polke
Laure Prouvost
José María Sicilia
Kiki Smith
Walter Swennen
Jean-Loup Trassard
Joëlle Tuerlinckx
Luc Tuymans
Edgard Tytgat
Angel Vergara
Publisher(s) :
MACS / Musée des Arts Contemporains au Grand-Hornu
Author(s) :
Laurent Busine
Denis Gielen
Language(s) :
Pages :
248 pages
Illustrations / Documents :
192 illustrations
Format :
16 x 21 cm
Publication date :

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