Designed so that children can understand the works proposed at the MACS on their own, the KIDSKIT is available for children from the age of 3. 

The KIDSKIT creates links between children and the work whilst creating an interaction with the surroundings.

A stool, desk and screen all in one, the KIDSKIT includes the guide for young audiences, appropriate resources, shade cards and lots of material to enhance the exhibition visit!


MACS cultural design service and the industrial design option at E.N.S.A.V./La Cambre


MACS - Kidskit

Salon des enfants

At the museum entrance, there is a space especially for children. It enables them to actively and playfully discover different aspects of present-day art through a theme chosen by the cultural team. The theme changes several times a year and may be related quite closely or only tenuously to the current exhibition.

The sitting room is arranged in order to encourage  associations and contrasts of ideas, to stimulate creativity, imagination, intelligence, curiosity and critical reflection in children. It is alongside an enclosed garden that has been adapted for very young children.


MACS - salon des enfants

Guide jeune public

For each exhibition, a paper guide is prepared for children. It includes games, puzzles and fun exercises to enable children to discover the exhibitions at their own pace, either alone or with the family.

MACS - guide jeune public