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Les Fabriques du cœur et leur usage


We do not all see images of the world in the same way. Each of us builds up an individual perception of our surroundings which, rather like fairy stories, include very different realities, presided over by unreliable memory and fleeting hope. Driven by a healthy curiosity, we are constantly absorbing snatches of the complex, changing, colourful world that we inhabit for a time.

If we consider that the spoken word is the clearest way to communicate, this does not mean that we are unaware of its pitfalls: confusions, puns, double meanings, etc.

The same applies to vision, which we generally trust absolutely and assert leaving no room for doubt: “I saw that” or “I’m sure I saw that”, even though vision is far from exempt from confusion when the imagination prolongs and uses it. 

The exhibition Les Fabriques du cœur et leur usage proposes to take a look at the world and the men and women who inhabit it, the follies and fabrications scattered here and there by comprehension, memory and the heart. Some ten chapters examine the simple things of life: the beginnings of the world, solitude, homes, groups, individuals, heroes, paintings of flowers and landscapes…
Each subject is presented freely, so that it can inspire the unique vision of each spectator according to their memory and imagination. For many poetic forms arise from enigmatic connections and mysterious affinities—as already demonstrated by the works offered to us by artists—which enable the spirit to explore hitherto unknown horizons.

Jacques Fabien  Gauthier d’Agoty, Benoît Dagron, Lucien B., Orla Barry, Pierre Bettencourt, Pierre Bismuth, Camille Bombois, Louise Bourgeois, Henri de Braekeleer, Balthasar Burkhard, Marie José Burki, Lewis Carroll, David Claerbout, Hélène et Juliette Delaporte, A. Delvaux, Damien Deroubaix, C. Dieu, Lise Duclaux, Marlene Dumas, James Ensor, Max Ernst, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Léon Frédéric, Charles Gaspar, Daan van Golden, Nicolas Gruppo, Roni Horn, Jal, Bernd Lohaus, Hans Martin, Frans Masereel, Natalia de Mello, Constantin Meunier, Giorgio Morandi, Henri Ottevaere, Giulio Paolini, Giuseppe Penone, Pierre Plauszewski, Sigmar Polke, Laure Prouvost, José María Sicilia, Kiki Smith, Walter Swennen, Jean-Loup Trassard, Joëlle Tuerlinckx, Luc Tuymans, Edgard Tytgat, Angel Vergara
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Démêler les pinceaux

Laurent Busine is the founder and honorary director of the Museum of Contemporary Arts at Grand-Hornu. For the 20th anniversary of the museum, he has accepted to curate the anniversary exhibition, Les Fabriques du cœur et leur usage. Whilst explaining the origins of the exhibition and what he would like to convey to the visitors, he offers an insight into the role of curator and the reflections which the works inspire.

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MACS - Podcast - Laurent Busine
Exhibition catalogue

Les Fabriques du coeur et leur usage

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Artist(s) :
Jacques Fabien Gauthier d’Agoty
Orla Barry
Pierre Bettencourt
Pierre Bismuth
Camille Bombois
Louise Bourgeois
Henri de Braekeleer
Lewis Carroll
David Claerbout
Benoît Dagron
Hélène et Juliette Delaporte
Damien Deroubaix
Marlene Dumas
James Ensor
Max Ernst
Léon Frédéric
Charles Gaspar
Daan van Golden
Nicolas Gruppo
Roni Horn
Bernd Lohaus
Frans Masereel
Natalia de Mello
Constantin Meunier
Giorgio Morandi
Henri Ottevaere
Giulio Paolini
Giuseppe Penone
Pierre Plauszewski
Sigmar Polke
Laure Prouvost
José María Sicilia
Kiki Smith
Walter Swennen
Jean-Loup Trassard
Joëlle Tuerlinckx
Luc Tuymans
Edgard Tytgat
Angel Vergara
Publisher(s) :
MACS / Musée des Arts Contemporains au Grand-Hornu
Author(s) :
Laurent Busine
Denis Gielen
Language(s) :
Pages :
248 pages
Illustrations :
192 illustrations
Format :
16 x 21 cm
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MACS - Catalogue - Les Fabriques du coeur et leur usage